What I learnt this year: 2023 edition

There are dozens of reasons for an outcome. It’s not always the thing you end up fixated on.

Don’t be too proud to ask yourself ‘what should I be doing differently?’.

What got you here so far, won’t be enough to take you forward and into the future. Evolve.

Find a thing you can contribute (a skill, your knowledge, time perhaps?) and then make it available to those who need it more.

Writing requires discipline. The pages will not write themselves.

I still suffer from having too many ideas. What’s the best framework to activate what’s good? (Send help!)

The UK is overrated.

Losing a pet cuts so deep. The grief is palpable and takes your breath away. It still hurts.

Continue to be kind to yourself and those around you. Even when misunderstood.

Gratitude for everything in life. Even at your lowest point, there’s always something to be thankful about.

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