What I learnt this year: 2021 edition

It’s never a waste of time. It’s a necessary step towards something that’s around the corner.

Donating your time, money or ideally both is essential to championing underserved communities and causes. Help where you can.

I’m no-one’s diversity hire, even though I’m glad the concept exists.

Ocean Vuong is cerebral and erudite.

Look at the problem differently by running towards something, rather than running away from something.

I don’t fully understand the blockchain/crypto/NFT world, but I feel like I’m eavesdropping on the future.

It’s unhealthy to have all your sense of accomplishment tied to your career.

I’m a good listener. And an even better coach.

I miss travelling. Like the desert misses rain.

Pets are the unspoken heroes of this pandemic. Now go and hug yours tightly.

Is any of this real? No.