The anatomy of an ad: Jeep

For decades, the automotive industry has delivered some of the most creative, jaw-droppingly amazing, and memorable (sometimes for all the wrong reasons) advertising campaigns of our times. The ingenuity used to sell more hasn’t just been the domain of vehicle manufacturers. The automobile supply chain have also given it a valiant effort. No-one more so than the guys at Michelin, who created their illustrious Michelin Guide back in the early 1900’s as a means to get people out and about in their cars, and as a result, increase car tyre sales.

Sitting alongside these noteworthy examples is this out-of-home campaign from the marketing team at Jeep. For as long as I can recall, the iconic Jeep brand has carved a distinguishable name for itself as the defacto choice for spirited adventurists. Best known for their sports-utility vehicles the world over, they’ve effectively embedded this idea of ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything’  not just into our minds, but also by committing to it through their brand DNA. This is a great example of how to add whimsy to an auto brand in a way that’s accessible, while still maintaining core brand values at the heart of their messaging: go anywhere, do anything, and use all means needed because look at what’s possible.

The verdict? A fantastic show of how to tap into the Jeep-lover’s psyche. As the single most important person in the selling equation, appealing to the fervently loyal Jeep enthusiast’s intrepid sense of adventure is clever and on-brand.


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