The anatomy of an ad: TV2 Danmark

When Adam Price penned these specific words for Birgitta Nyborg, the fictional Danish prime minister and chief protagonist of his sensational political drama Borgen, he could not have foreseen how quickly they would be claimed as one’s own by many a quick study:

” I believe we’re united by more than what separates us”

Everyone from Argentinian President Mauricio Macri and Hilary Clinton, to the late activist Jo Cox, have sloganized a version of this in an attempt to punctuate their respective agendas. So how apt that it falls back upon the Danes to remind us once again, what is at the heart humanity. That deep down, we’re all the same person.

Produced to launch TV2 Danmark’s new channel content strategy back in 2017, All That We Share’ is compelling for many reasons: it’s critical without being alienating, it demonstrates empathy while being provocative, it forces you to go places that may feel uncomfortable or unkind, yet it does so with a deft hand and unexpected moments of humour. Most importantly, in these most divisive of times, it serves as a reminder that partisan lines can be bridged if we all just stopped and acknowledged each other’s right to be, with respect and understanding.

It may be fast-forward two years on, but the central message of unity has never been more poignant – or for that matter, necessary.

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